Terms & Conditions

Anhadh is unable to offer refunds on tickets purchased, unless the event is cancelled, in which case a full refund will be offered.

Your contact details will be provided to the artist/producers of the event to which you have purchased tickets, other than that we will never share your information outside of Anhadh.com. You may also be contacted by Anhadh.com to advertise future events. Please contact info@anhadh.com if you wish to unsubscribe at any time. 

Events, event-related content, timings, dates, prices and imagery are not the responsibility of Anhadh.com. We provide ticketing and entry systems only for events on the site and do not deal with production, details and prices and cannot be responsibile for cancellation or dissatisfaction. If you have any event-related issues please contact the specific event organisers. 

Fees are added to each ticket purchase from Anhadh.com for the use of the ticketing facility and are non-refundable under any circumstances. Amount of fees per ticket is retained by each organiser and available on request.

Anhadh.com reserves the right to refuse any customer, clients or content, for any reason.

Event producers
Anhadh.com uses third party organisations for transactions and cannot be held responsible for issues beyond their control. Any account balances are provided to the best of our knowledge. Anhadh does not provide banking or financial services to organiser.